Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall/ Halloween Wreath

So for an upcoming craft night that a friend and I are doing, I was in charge of the wreath project. After scouring and searching for one that was economical AND cute, I was just not IN LOVE with any one. So I decided to combine a few things from some that I liked and create my own! I am loving it so much. I think it turned out really good and it cost a total of about $4 or $5 bucks. You cannot beat that! And sorry, when I took the picture the sun was shining really bright. 
You will need:
Small wire wreath frame
1/4 yard of burlap total (I used orange and black, but you can do just one color if you would like)
Hot glue gun and glue
Cheese cloth
Old square frame (I got mine from a garage sale for 10 cents)
Small chalkboard (Joanne's has them 3 in a bag for $1.50)
Craft eye balls (that's what I call them)  :)
Some yarn, or ribbon to hang it

So I didn't take pictures of the process because working with burlap is messy and I was covered by the time I was finished. But to start out with you wrap the frame in the cheese cloth and attach it with hot glue. Be very careful because... cheese cloth has holes. :) To create the "web" effect, an easy way is to stick CLOSED scissors randomly in the cheese cloth and open them. So you are not cutting anything. Just using the scissors to move the individual strands around. You can use whatever you want to do this. But scissors make it really easy. 
Then I cut the burlap into strips ABOUT 1 inch thick, and about 7 or seven inches long. I really just eyeballed it. Then just tied them on the small wire wreath frame alternating with black and orange. I had to trim a few of the pieces because they were noticeably longer. 
Then I used a BOO stamp and white ink for the mini chalkboard, but you can also just write something with regular chalk too. I glued some eyes on there and hung the mini wreath with some yarn and lots of hot glue. Then hung the entire thing with the same yarn on my hook on the door. I was originally going to use some cute ribbon but forgot to get some. :) And I was impatient to hang it. Then voila!!

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  1. Hey I love the header but have NO CLUE how to get it to show on my blog so need your help.
    Where did you find that cute kiwi? It's perfect.



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